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Monday, October 3, 2016

URL For Locating Archive Albums In Google Photos

Now that Google has once again changed how they are handling photos across Google products, the Blogger albums (and I assume albums created in other products other than Google Photos) are hidden from the album list on Google Photos.

This is a good thing in that it keeps people from accidentally deleting all the images in their blogs thinking that the album was being shared or visible to anyone but them before, however it has also caused some issues for those that want access to those images to either change them or delete them from their blog.


This link will get you to the location that shows all albums on your account. Note that care should be used in this area because you can affect all of your products if you do even a bit of fiddling around (even just moving images between albums).

Some testing needs to be done by yours truly to determine what happens when a picture is used on a blog from the regular Google Photos albums and if deleting a post on the blog with an image in it automatically deletes it from the album as well or if a double delete needs to be done.

At a later date, though...mostly just wanted to get this URL up for my own reference.

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