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Friday, October 21, 2016

Appreciation on the Blogger Help Forum

Always feels good when you help someone and they really appreciate it...makes all the hours worth it!!! See quoted text below!

"Thank you so much!!!! Your information made it so easy. I'm up and running.
I am glad you sent the information on getting started as well. I'll be reading that tonight.
More than anything I appreciate your answers tone. I feel like the old joke from IT support-"Is it plugged in?" You must get a lot more challenging questions but you treated me with respect and grace. That really means a lot. If you have a supervisor that I can sing your praises to let me know, I'd be glad to. If you do this because you like to, I think you are made for helping people. I needed this for an online class I'm taking (don't laugh, they take computer illiterates in the class. They are used to "Adult Learners").
Again, Thank You so much for your help."


Official Blog*Star/Blogger TC
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1 comment:

suntana511 said...

I happened upon this post of yours, Mishka. Since I see how much it means to you to be appreciated for your work on the Blogger Forums, I thought I'd thank you once again here on your Blogger HOME for your BIGTIME help that you gave me with my Blog to Sub Blog switching problem.

Your eventual bullseye tip on how to fix my situation saved me a lot of time and hassle. I wasn't looking forward to having to create another account and Blog.

Super THANKS, Mishka! I really appreciated your help.