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Monday, December 26, 2016

Comment Text Hack

This is the section of code that has to be replaced to make the words "No Comments" or the number of comments on a post show as different text.

The original content pulls from a specific data location and that is what creates the words No Comments or the number....so making this change tells the page to pull the comment text from the text written in therefore by making this change, you are giving up the ability to see the number of comments on a post as well...just fair warning in case you decide to do this.

This change is really only designed for the Designer Templates....there are other CSS things you can do for the Dynamics that you can find on other blogs out there.

I mostly wanted this for my own reference for the big updates I need to make. Another note about this, that the post template and full template are updated pretty regularly when the Blogger platform is updated so these hacks can disappear and have to be reapplied.

The content that needs to be replaced is < data:post.commentlabelfull/ >: with the text you wanted. This is the section that you are looking for to make that change.

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Note that none of the break tags will be in the code you are looking for....those are just a result of page breaks I put in while composing this.